Shipping Info & Handling

HAVA ship nationwide and worldwide. For more information, please read this section.


We ship nationwide to all cities in Indonesia. We use JNE Shipping Company ( for all shipping to cities in Indonesia.JNE offers Economical, Regular and Fast Service. Below is the table about delivery schedule.

Confirm Payment Check payment Ship Order REG Arrive ECO Arrive FAST Arrive
Monday Monday Tuesday Wed-Fri Fri-Tue Wed
Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Thurs-Sat Sat-Wed Thurs
Wednesday Wednesday Thursday Fri-Mon Mon-Thurs Fri
Thursday Thursday Friday Sat-Tue Tue-Fri Sat
Friday Friday Monday Tue-Thurs Wed-Sat Tue
Saturday Monday Monday Tue-Thurs Wed-Sat Tue
Sunday Monday Monday Tue-Thurs Wed-Sat Tue
Confirm Payment Check payment Ship Order REG Arrive ECO Arrive FAST Arrive
Monday Monday Tuesday Thurs-Sat Sat-Wed Wed
Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Fri-Mon Mon-Thurs Thurs
Wednesday Wednesday Thursday Sat-Tue Tue-Fri Fri
Thursday Thursday Friday Mon-Wed Wed-Sat Sat
Friday Friday Monday Wed-Fri Fri-Tue Tue
Saturday Monday Monday Wed-Fri Fri-Tue Tue
Sunday Monday Monday Wed-Fri Fri-Tue Tue

We only process your order in our working days, from Monday to Friday.

We ship every day except Saturdays and Sundays.

Orders CONFIRMED (only via Webstore 'Confirm Payment' Menu) will be processed the NEXT DAY. (e.g. if you confirm to us on 00.15 AM we will automatically send this order the Next day, not in the following morning).

We will ship your order if there are no problems occur in terms of payment.

If you confirmed on FRIDAY (starting from 00.01 am), your order will be processed on Monday next week. We also do not process order on public holidays. Note that our order process is only checking the payment, preparing and delivering the goods to the shipping company.


Domestic rates can be found at and international rates are upon request.

  1. HAVA does not responsible in risk of loss of the merchandise after JNE delivers to the designated address.
  2. Customers are responsible if JNE can’t deliver the goods on time due to incomplete address, no recipient at the address or the recipient rejects the goods.
  3. If the goods are returned to us, customers are obligated to pay the shipping fee one more time if the mistakes are due to customer’s conditions.
  4. HAVA will give free shipping to the customer if we make mistakes in typing the address, etc.
  5. We also do not responsible for any additional taxes and duties charged. If you decide to refuse the delivery, you are responsible in all fees charged by shipping company – both for sending and returning the product to us.